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  • Start Menu
  • Search
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Touch Screen

Touch beautiful interface.
Quick touch sense interface enable fast processing of each transaction & make no fuss for all levels to learn, maintain & use.

Start Menu

Familiarity & new together
Menu & functions are displayed out in familiar listings style, so easy for existing SmartSQL users or new users too. The listing can be layout on top of the touch screen so users can anytime enjoy both forms of display.


Type to search function
Working like any search engine, just type text to search amongst the 300+ functions within the system. Functions buttons are shortlisted & displayed out as you type the search text.

Most Visited

Most visited & recently closed
Working like browser concept, all the most visited & recently close functions buttons are group in tabs & displayed for users’ convenience


Quick bookmark access
Function screens used will be saved as bookmark. So each individual user enjoy fast access & favorite usage in no time.


  • Dynamic Data Filter
  • Search Anywhere
  • Incremental Search
  • Data Grouping
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Dynamic Data Filter

Data filter is today’s basic
Drag & drop data filter amongst the screen itself even when making data input. That will enhance the data input speed tremendously

Search Anywhere

Save time using search
Search anywhere during transaction. That includes searching any data such as stock item during data input. A great time saver across the system usage

Incremental Search

Increase your search
Get onto deeper or narrow down search anytime within the system. There are strong filtering functions that are readily built in so you get to data in no time

Data Grouping

Group up data
Group up data in the screen itself; both during data input or report output. You get to do that with easy drag & drop so as you input you can have your prefer viewing dimensions & preferences


  • Screens template
  • System Labels
  • Reports Analysis
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Screens template

Custom screen outlook
Select from the series of skin colour & screen templates. Thus customize screen outlook according to individual preference or even to festive mood!

System Labels

Change-able system field name
Example instead of “stock item” as default name for system field, you may change it to “SKU” which is more relevant to your company operational requirements. More friendly to users too.

Reports Analysis

Reports & Analysis Power
Allow users to customize reports via fast drag & drop, filtering, grouping etc. So you are able to see many dimensions of any analytical figure. Ready to be exported in excel, html formats & etc.


  • POS User Security Control
  • POS Terminal Configuration
  • POS Data Synchronization Settings
  • POS Cash Count Type
  • POS Simulation
  • Voucher Management
  • Promotion 8 types
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POS User Security Control

User access control
Assign, duplicate or custom multiple level of security to POS users within clicks. Cashier, supervisor, manager rights can all be tackled accordingly & maintained easily.

POS Terminal Configuration

One stop configuration
Day-to-day system administrative works such as configuring users access, price & stock allocation, promotions gimmicks etc is becoming fast & easy; due to the system design flow & convenient features

POS Data Synchronization Settings

Data activities dashboard
Under one screen, view all terminals’ data connectivity to server. Avoid any broken connection due to other factors like internet down. It’s easy to ensure uptime & synchronization.

POS Cash Count Type

Unlimited payment & discount mode
Set as many payment modes of credit cards, voucher or cash according to business growing needs. Capturing & allow many different types of discount & settings due to various reasons, to suit the competitive retail business.

POS Cash Count Type

Unlimited payment & discount mode
Set as many payment modes of credit cards, voucher or cash according to business growing needs. Capturing & allow many different types of discount & settings due to various reasons, to suit the competitive retail business.

POS Cash Count Type

Unlimited payment & discount mode
Set as many payment modes of credit cards, voucher or cash according to business growing needs. Capturing & allow many different types of discount & settings due to various reasons, to suit the competitive retail business.

POS Simulation

POS activities simulator
It can be confusing to create activities eg promotion & make adaptive steps over many stores. Before really syncing activities to stores, it can be simulated at system to see the effect, thus avoid any set back & save major reversal corrective actions.

Voucher Management

Online/ Offline centralize voucher
Accommodate & centralize all kinds of online or offline voucher payment at the stores while consoling them at backend. Gives advantage to create interesting retail campaign.

Promotion 8 types

More than 8 promotions mode
Spoilt with more than 8 popular promotions methods such as PWP, GWP, Buy & free etc. Beside capable to run multi layers of promotion, you can set system to recur promotions on schedule & by location. Very powerful & versatile.


  • Stock Price Updater
  • Stock Matrix
  • Supplier SKU
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Stock Price Updater

Price update fast
Respond to market price changes quickly using the stock price updater function that comes with few methods & also 5 pricing level. Also sync the updated prices to stores in no time if you prefer

Stock Matrix

Quick & accurate stock coding
Matrix functions and pre-defined templates for easy stock checks and orders. Adding & managing stock codes can never be easier with table format of colour, sizes & quantity input in table way & system generates stock codes & bar codes accordingly.

Supplier SKU

Stock item from various supplier
Hunt down stock information that you purchase from few suppliers. You can get quick view over the quantity & price, that assist replenish & purchase decisions


  • Full AP, AR cycle
  • Chart Of Account
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Full AP, AR cycle

Full accounting modules
Get all the Account receivable, payable, journals & bank reconciliation functions. All with auto-posting for accounts, reduce workload & minimize mistakes

Chart Of Account

Multi Level Chart of Account
Not only fully equipped with chart of account list, it can be broken down to various department for better financial control & analysis.


  • Copy & paste bill
  • Profit Margin Estimator
  • Copy & paste bill
  • Purchase Plan
  • Supplier Price Comparison
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Copy & paste bill

Repetitive bills
For those repetitive transactions such as DO, invoices etc, users can just copy & paste them across the stages of sales & purchase cycle. Imagine how much time you save up if each bill just carries 100 items inside them & you have to do that across 10 stores.

Profit Margin Estimator

Estimate profit better
Call out the profit estimator during transaction stages to promote faster decision-making. Better in control of margin, price & quantity factors.

Purchase Plan

Plan purchase with various supplier
Purchase plans that contain all information such as supplier master list, quotations, PO requisition and so on. This helps with better decision & cost control especially the massive stocks situation.

Supplier Price Comparison

Manage supply cost
Get to lower cost supply by using supplier price comparison function. Immediately nail down to supplier that can offer lower price with pertinent info such as quantity of supply etc.


  • Supplier Bad Debt Relieve Journal
  • GST Filing Simulation Process
  • 21 Days Rule Delivery Order Listing
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Supplier Bad Debt Relieve Journal

Supplier bad debt relieve journal
Auto pass journal on Supplier Bad Debt so you can maintain GST requirements & manage the bad debts after the cut off

GST Filing Simulation Process

GST filing process
Complete royal custom’s GST filing with a full flash simulation process; including all the complex submission details GST-03 reports, GST Audit files & so far. That is totally compliance to GST requirements

21 Days Rule Delivery Order Listing

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