But, could it be actually because bad as everybody states it really is?

In our tradition that appears to be pressuring our teenagers to”“put out with of the eyesight of sex-crazed teens starting up at every change, are teens within our society living up to the reputation we’ve so negligently thought?

While a lot of the carried out research concerning the hookup culture revolves mainly around university students, interestingly, numerous industry experts agree that, despite extensive perception, teenagers today aren’t living up into the reputation that culture has positioned on them.

In reality, some specialists genuinely believe that teenagers aren’t having more intercourse than teens did 20 years ago today.

Lisa Wade, a teacher and writer of the guide. “American Hookup: The New community of Intercourse on Campus,” whose research took her to 24 universites and colleges in 18 states, unearthed that it is primarily the tradition around intercourse and dating on university campuses that includes changed in modern times.

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