This person is earnestly hurting somebody. It is way too much drama.

She will not wind up with him even though you stop seeing him, BTW, which means this isn’t in regards to you stepping off the beaten track. It is simply. Avoid being component for this any further. Do not rest with anybody who can be so careless towards other people. Simply. Do Not.

PS. I do not think you ought to acknowledge her message. If i could consider some way you may assist her, We’ll pop back here. She is demonstrably pretty obsessed. You are most likely maybe maybe perhaps not the person to clue her in on just how heartless this person is towards her, and even though she actually really has to understand. Published by jbenben at 6:30 PM on January 18, 2013 12 favorites

Then I asked him if he had been planning to continue steadily to see her, he stated I’m not sure- wtf!


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