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Safer on the web Dating for Lesbians: Dispelling urban myths, Dispensing Best recommendations by Barb Elgin, author for internet dating Magazine

Are you aware that Valentine’s Day and springtime would be the busiest times during the the entire year for online internet dating sites? It is now time of the year you may be almost certainly to become listed on a dating website, or renew a current account. Therefore, before you register or sign up again, i really want you to just take a couple of minutes right now to give consideration to the main topic of online dating sites safety: lest you might think you can not fall under this present day love trap!

Today’s article focuses on one online that is particular danger – romance frauds – but a lot of the info pertains to internet dating as a whole. For instance, while a female might not straight you will need to just take your cash, she may you will need to take your identification, or she could be an energetic alcoholic, substance abuser or have history of domestic physical violence or any other unlawful task. They are thorny ‘issues’ you will need to know about before you then become emotionally involved.

Finally, remember that a clear unlawful history check today is certainly not a justification to ‘let your guard straight straight down’ as women with serious personality issues or habits are often adept at hiding them until once they have actually their ‘hooks’ in both you and it really is difficult for you really to keep.

Discard these urban myths about online dating security

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In terms of ‘affairs regarding the lesbian heart’, one of the greatest risks we see within the lesbian community is the mistaken belief that, because guys are ‘not into the equation’, they’ve been resistant from internet dating scams.

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