Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Content on TelevisionTalk about nonheterosexual issues that are sexual.

Same-sex behavior that is sexual

Every 2-minute period that were coded as containing one or more sort of sexual intercourse monitored in the primary coding task flirting, kissing, intimate touching, intercourse suggested, sexual activity depicted, along with other intimate behavior 2 ended up being additionally examined for the existence of same-sex behavior that is sexual. With this product, programmers utilized a yes/no response format to point whether some of the sexual behavior depicted when you look at the period happened between two different people of this sex that is same.

Mention nonheterosexual intimate problems

Each interval that is 2-minute was indeed coded as containing a minumum of one example of talk through the intimate talk groups utilized in the primary coding task ( ag e.g., feedback about own/others’ intimate actions or passions, mention intercourse which has had already occurred, speak about sex crimes) has also been coded for whether some of the sexual talk associated with nonheterosexuals. With this product, programmers once once once again utilized a yes/no response format to point whether some of the intimate talk reflected the intimate passions or concerns of nonheterosexual people. Most frequently, such xxxstreams sex chat feedback pertaining to gays and lesbians, although periodically these people were connected with bisexuals.

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