On my journey across Russia by train I passed through numerous tunnels and over numerous bridges, and noticed one thing strange at each and every one.

Tall barbed cable fences preventing access beneath each bridge that is major.

And guard homes at each tunnel portal.

I stumbled upon a railfan that is russian, where in fact the cause for these protection measures had been brought up.

VeschiiOleg published: as an example, the way of any bridge that is serious enclosed by an area of alienation with barbed cable, indications and armed guards.

Vlad wrote: We photograph the railway connection, for instance. The ВОХРовец is approaching us and politely is interested, but about what foundation have you been using these pictures?

VeschiiOleg penned: ВОХРовец, in accordance with the statute regarding the guard solution they don’t have legal rights to go out of the center, those due to the territory he must not keep. But to call the police – easily. And then they will be right if on the fence, there are inscriptions about the prohibition of filming.

Just what exactly will be the ВОХРовец? It’s an abbreviation for Военизированная охрана – also known as Ведомственная охрана, Russian-language Wikipedia defines them because:

Specialised state departmental armed devices accountable for protecting structures, structures, automobiles, and cargo from illegal assaults. They will have the best to make use of armed forces and solution firearms, along with solution dogs, handcuffs, plastic batons, and strips that are spike to cease automobiles. Officials of state protection that is departmental by federal state figures) have actually the best to set up protocols on administrative offences, execute individual queries, examine products belonging to individuals, inspect automobiles and other procedural actions founded by the Code of Administrative Offences for the Russian Federation.

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