My stop by at gay fetish week

E veryone’s having sex that is weird days. You’ll have observed it in women’s publications, areas, or on the net. If you’re perhaps not fucking somebody with a noose tied around your neck and a bear trap clamped to your bollocks, while a gospel choir watches and sings No shocks, then you’re just about nevertheless a virgin. Conventional pleasures have become passe. Recently I asked a lady if she desired to do good conventional missionary place beside me and she refused point blank. Then she called protection and had me violently ejected from Holland and Barrett. She didn’t also allow me to purchase my wasabi pea nuts.

I’m within the yard of this Eagle, a homosexual location in Vauxhall, for Fetish Week welcome beverages. It’s almost 30 degrees, and I’m standing by a person in complete fabric, bonnet and all sorts of.

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