Prohibition on Offers of Funds for Private Loans

Southern university prohibits disputes of great interest aided by the duties of officers, workers, or agents associated with the university with regards to training loans for pupils. The school shall conform to, administer, enforce, publish on its prominently web site, and yearly inform officers, workers, and agents of this university associated with the duties pertaining to training loans as mentioned into the Code of Conduct for Title IV Loans. For the purpose of quality, Southern College participates into the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Direct scholar Loan Program. Consequently, no lending that is private provides Title IV loan funds to qualified pupils and/or parents of qualified students.

Listed here is supposed to utilize to both Title IV and personal training loans:

Ban on Revenue-Sharing Arrangements

The faculty shall perhaps perhaps perhaps not come right into any revenue-sharing arrangement with any lender or any other vendor using any one of its workplaces which are accountable for carrying out aid that is financial. The faculty shall maybe not accept any cost or any other product advantage in return for suggesting a loan provider to its pupils.

Present Ban

No university officer or worker with educational funding obligations shall obtain or accept a present having a financial value of significantly more than a nominal quantity from a lender, guarantor, or servicer of training loans.

Contracting Arrangements Prohibited

No university officer or worker with educational funding obligations shall accept from any loan provider or lender affiliate re re payment or any other economic advantage as settlement for almost any form of consulting arrangement or any other agreement to produce solutions up to a loan provider.

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