Camping – by Anon – Two buddies camping discover they both have side that is bi-curious.

Brothers – by Jason A. Quest – a more youthful bro’s idle worship for their older cousin turns into something different, whenever their older cousin comes back home from university and shows him just just just what he’s discovered. (M/b, inc, 1st-gay)

Brothers’ Intercourse Slave – by Catfish – the way I had been tricked into learning to be a sex servant to my brothers. This is basically the tale of my youth, next i shall tell their how my youth has effected my adult marriage. (mm/b, inc, mc, oral, 1st-gay-expr)

Brothers beneath the Skin – by Solar Fox – Two brothers become familer with one another’s figures in this coming of age tale. (MM, inc)

Buddy Jerkoff – by AB-2007 – we nevertheless can not think we allow him get it done. We would been buddies from the time first grade and absolutely nothing such as this had ever happened before. (MM, mast, 1st-gay-expr)

Bully, The – by Don Azars – a more youthful child is mercilessly victimized by a bigger and older boy that is the college bully, until they come to an awareness, then every thing modifications. (mm-youths, nc, rp, v, anal, 1st-gay-expr)

Coach Ride, The – by Dawn – Lori is a college coach motorist and contains an eventful afternoon with four of her teenage pupils, once they operate to their intend to force intercourse on the. (F/mm-teens, ped, nc, mc)

Business Lunch to Remember – by Sunset – a company meal having a potential provider becomes a very first time gay experience. (MM, exh, 1st-gay experience)

But Officer, I didn’t understand – by NixPixer – I experienced heard that the coastline had been an area that is good cruise, as well as in specific the strip along Redondo Beach had been an excellent area to look at later during the night. Therefore, I experienced chose to try it out. (MM, gay-encounter)

Ca Beach – by Darkman – guy at nude coastline has intercourse having a sister that is young cousin. (MM, Mbg, ped, bi, dental)

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