Exactly just exactly How take out and a bad diet are destroying your sex-life

If you believe sexy food means whipped chocolate and cream sauce, reconsider that thought.

Inside her brand brand brand new guide “Clean Eating, Dirty Sex” (Skyhorse, out Feb. 5), nutritionist Lisa Davis, whom hosts a podcast by the exact same title, explores the connection between diet and intercourse — and she states sweets won’t do you really any favors in bed.

“I strongly have confidence in meals as medicine, ” Davis informs The Post. And though there’s lots written on how meals is great for chronic disease and illness prevention, “I didn’t see such a thing about sex. ” So on her behalf book, she researched meals that affect hormones and blood circulation — and in the event that you consume a standard United states diet, having its abundance of sweet, fatty and very fully processed foods, you’re probably eating mojo-killing dishes by the plateful.

As an example, Davis claims, sugar interferes together with your blood circulation by causing “inflammation” in your capillaries.

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