B. Describe specific actions observed, avo /C. Be certain about place, time, color, texture, place and exactly how often.

D. Describe in the place of diagnose. Avo /E. Avo For example: “once I saw the coffee that is big regarding the rug…” now is easier to know and understand than “once you ruined my time, as constantly, along with your slimy, stinking, completely disgusting, bad antics…”

Message Two:
recommendations for expressing more demonstrably:
exactly exactly What feelings will you be feeling? A. Utilize specific feeling describers such as “I feel…”: happy, aggravated, happy, unfortunate, afra /B. Prevent feeling words that imply the action of some other individual: “I feel. Ignored, manipulated, mistreated, ignored, refused, dominated, abandoned, used, cheated (etc. )”Notice How these expressed words indirectly blame the listener for the speaker’s thoughts. So that you can assist your listener determine what you’re feeling, convert these “implied blame” terms into a clearly called feeling (see Suggestion A, above) and an interpretation or unmet need (Message 3).
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