Ava Koxxx: meet with the straight-talking Manc lass that is a huge blue superstar

Ava Koxxx, aka ‘The Lady Boss’, isn’t only a large player being a performer, she actually is additionally a effective businesswoman

  • 09:05, 30 MAR 2020
  • Updated 09:08, 30 MAR 2020

The adult movie industry is a business that is big along with its very own celebrity names.

One such celebrity is Ava Koxxx, a former model from Salford, whom went to the company for a whim six years back, now shoots for organizations in the usa, European countries therefore the UK, in addition to developing her very own enterprises.

Now Ava, 34, has lifted the lid on which it is want to work with the controversial industry – and the required steps to achieve it.

At a statuesque 6ft 2ins, Ava has generated a devoting following of fans who like high females and ‘milfs’.

Like me or you don’t, ” explained Ava“ I am niche – you either. “i am maybe not your typical five base seven blonde, big boobs. I’m six base two.

“If people like high girls, you have got them for a lifetime. I’m a bit like Marmite, they either love me personally or I am hated by them. ”

Ava’s broad Manchester accent has shown a secured asset as well – because it seems exotic to international audiences.

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