Making love with a person does not prompt you to homosexual

It’s not unusual for right men that have intercourse with another guy to see “gay panic” and feel bad as to what they’ve done and just what it indicates. This could, on occasion, cause persecution of, or physical violence from the other man, whether he’s homosexual or also right. But Zak continues to be unfazed concerning the experience.

“I becamen’t embarrassed or ashamed, ” he states. “I still recognize as straight and do not think I’d initiate one thing by having a bloke, but invest the situation that is same could see myself carrying it out once again. ”

Some dudes might worry which they had been homosexual – and if you’re wondering why anyone would “worry” about such a thing, do set aside a second to analyze just how homosexual gents and ladies are addressed around the world – but Zak takes a far more relaxed approach.

“One of my uni buddies described himself as ‘hetero-flexible’ and I also reckon which is probably where i’m at too, ” says Zak. “I do not think saying it can make me personally ‘gay’. I am perhaps maybe not interested in them but i will appreciate guys that are attractive. Into the same way I’ve slept with feamales in yesteryear whom I do not think I became actually drawn to, often intercourse is simply sex and it is fun.

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