Berlin homointercourseual intercourse events. Chicago Tribune’s “Was the small Gold celebrity Sardine Bar Chicago’s nightclub that is greatest ever?

Theme 1: perceptions of intercourse in Sweden and Berlin

This theme comprises of two groups: Normative surroundings and Accessibility of lovers and practices that are sexual.

The perception of intercourse and intimate training ended up being a combination of numerous facets in line with the social norms therefore the accessibility of lovers and intimate methods and intimate arenas. These perceptions differed in the event that individuals described Sweden or Berlin. Differences in social norms between Sweden and Berlin was motivators that are key keep Sweden and travel or relocate to Berlin. The author that is british Christopher Isherwood’s magazines such as for example Goodbye to Berlin—later converted into the musical Cabaret 44 —were mentioned by some of the informants as an issue in producing a notion, or a sense of Berlin with a rather various normative environment from your home.

I experienced an extremely image that is romanticized of, based on literary works, films, Cabaret, gay stories told through buddies and acquaintances. I experienced most likely built a picture of Berlin as being a town which could provide some decadence that is lovely sin. (Informant 2)

Other sources producing the thought of Berlin included history, language and much more modern aspects like the techno scene as well as the art globe. The individuals had a detailed to homogenic description of Sweden as being a narrow-minded spot creating push factors for making. Similarly homogenic had been the description of Berlin being a place that is liberal creating pull factors (box 1). A feeling of increased freedom that is sexual liberation ended up being a re-occurring subject for most for the individuals.

My entire life seems much more interesting along with for this surrounding me, not merely what’s provided intimately but additionally culturally, artistically, music, social media marketing, fashion. (…) It’s so appropriate and modern. (Informant 13)

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