Proof exists that anal, genital and sex that is oral end up in the transmission

Nonetheless, the use that is proper of condom has been confirmed to cut back contact with these infections.

11. To be able to reduce steadily the spread among these conditions, unprotected anal and vaginal sexual intercourse is forbidden at Bronze Party except as between fluid bonded couples. Unprotected intercourse that is oral frustrated. Upon entry to virtually any Bronze Party occasion, you may get, totally free: condoms, lubricant, safer intercourse materials, and health and recommendation card. You realize that we now have significant dangers of doing unprotected intercourse, with or minus the utilization of a barrier that is latex. Appropriately, except in the event of fluid fused couples, unprotected anal and genital sex are forbidden at Bronze Party. Any user caught participating in unprotected anal or genital intercourse with virtually any member (except that their fluid bonded partner) shall have their membership suspended for 3 months. Bronze Party will not offer services that are medical advice.

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