Preferably, sweeping statements in what solitary guys are like should always be according to representative types of solitary males.

In short supply of that, we should understand the demographic profile associated with individuals, they are so we can know who. Apostolou’s research provides none of this.

Mcdougal considers it a strength that is“major of their research that folks “indicated the reason why for staying solitary at their very own initiative. ” That’s called self-selection. Individuals decided on their own whether or not they wished to put in a remark towards the Reddit thread. We don’t understand who they really are, or if they have been in in whatever way a representative test of solitary guys. They may be a group that is wildly weird of; we just don’t know. That’s not really a power, it is a flaw. (Also, Apostolou never ever acknowledges the problems with Reddit that we described within the very first part of this post. )

Main Point Here

We don’t question there are solitary guys that do n’t need become solitary, and who will be hindered inside their efforts to attract a mate by facets such as for example bad skills that are social getting the types of appearance which are not respected. But Apostolou’s method of responding to the concern of why guys remain solitary isn’t an excellent one.

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