Pres David Burge

It’s time to reflect on the past 12 months using the language of our time as we march toward the end of the calendar year, spending time with family around the holidays and practicing the gentle art of self-care.

President’s Column: 2017 in 280 figures aside from the return of Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, the biggest news of 2017 must be the development of Twitter, which expanded its historic restriction of 140 figures to 280 characters. Do we literally have that even more to state one to the other or is it simply a truly, really, really, actually, not that hard option to get sloppy with this term economy? Maybe it’s both. Even as we march toward the conclusion of the twelve months, spending time with family members across the holiday breaks and exercising the gentle art of self-care, it is time for you to think on the year’s most crucial developments in NACAC’s world with the language of your time.

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