8 Confessions Of an old Verizon sales person | A former Verizon sales rep, let’s call him Steve, penned to us recently providing insider advice to all the Consumerist visitors.

We had been excited because by focusing on how the sales team at Verizon are paid, consumers could possibly get a benefit whenever haggling more than a phone that is new. Just What? Haggling!? More than a phone!? Yes, also it can be done by you. Verizon Steve confesses all he understands, through the easy to the sublime…:

• Never get a contract that is 2-year. “The only benefit to a 2 year agreement is really a $50 savings on your own phone. Its maybe maybe maybe not worth every penny. Make the $50 to get a 12 months then you can certainly update up to a phone that is new 10 months.”

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