The Keefer Bar mixes the night time up right

If you’re in need of a remedy for a day that is bad decide to try the apothecary-style cocktails in the Keefer Bar. This cocktail lounge has design spilling from every crevice, along with forms of character as well making it a place that is solid get and discover fast hookups. We’ve seen significantly more than a jaws that are few once they enter this club. That’s simply the impact associated with design. Luckily for us, the products and atmosphere that is sensual just as impressive.

If you’re a fan of cocktails, this might be positively a must-try spot. Take to the Opium Sour or perhaps the Tangerine Dream to understand just exactly what these mixologists (wizards) can perform. Certain, the angle that is apothecary a gimmick, however it’s a fitting one. Whether you arrive with a friend or simply just sidle as much as the bar, your is going to be good night. Allow the Keefer Bar work a spell for you.

The Shameful Tiki shamelessly initiates Vancouver hookups

A candle lit, windowless club could possibly be a turnoff that is real. Whenever it is The Shameful Tiki, however, it’s just the most wonderful environment for an attractive, intimate night. This unique club in Mount nice guarantees one of the most unusual ingesting experiences in Vancouver. It leans in to the Tiki-theme difficult, that could be just a little cringeworthy. In reality, it is awesome.

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