Tough Love for Latin America’s Drug Barons and Beauty Queens

The murder that is recent of beauty pageant director in Mexico attracts awareness of the long reputation for star-crossed intimate pairings involving two forms of people Latin America is well-known for: medication traffickers and beauty queens.

Media outlets often call these ladies wives that are“trophy or state they’ve been “seduced” by the appeal of cash and popularity that accompany medication trafficking. However in some full situations, that narrative may be too simplistic. Since there is undoubtedly no denying that Latin US drug trafficking is high in “machismo” tradition, it is additionally well well worth noting that some beauty queens became significant underworld numbers in their own personal right.

Martha Lucia Echeverry (Colombia)

Echeverry won Colombia’s nationwide Beauty Queen competition in 1974, representing the Valle del Cauca division. It wasn’t until 1980, nevertheless, that she’d satisfy Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, mind for the powerful Cali Cartel. In accordance with Semana, the two came across when Echeverry began doing work in pr for Cali’s expert team, of which Rodriguez Orejuela had been a principal shareholder at that time. Their relationship only finished whenever Rodriguez Orejuela ended up being extradited to your usa in 2005.

Aura Rocio Restrepo (Colombia)

Like their sibling, Miguel, Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela went the Cali Cartel and had a partner that is romantic won honors on her behalf beauty.

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