Might you remain buddies with a sex offender? *potential trigger warning*

Hypothetical situation for you personally, that we’ve found myself in.

You create a close buddy and over several years become fairly close but they don’t really talk much about their past.

After this you learn that this person ended up being provided for jail for the rape of a female some years just before knew them.

You had no concept they certainly were in that way inclined and today question yours judgement, understandably you appear at them in a really light that is different.

Could you immediately get no contact and cut them down regarding the foundation which they’d commited that crime? Would they are told by you precisely why you no longer wished to know them?

Or might you remain buddies with someone you knew ended up being effective at might be found regardless if they would been a friend that is good you myself?

A lot more of a WWYD actually.

I cannot consider any situation where i would stay buddies by having a rapist no.

Perhaps maybe perhaps Not the opportunity. To be effective at rape you need to hold specific views of females. I possibly could never be buddies with somebody that way.

You had no concept these were in that way inclined

Causes it to be seem like you’re speaking about somebody smoking a bit of skunk, perhaps not a rapist.

As well as in reply to your concern, no i really couldn’t be buddies with a rapist.

I would personallyn’t wish to be buddies together with them any longer.

No chance. We’d believe it is difficult to think they’d changed/been rehabilitated also.

Bad wording on my part @YouSayPotatoesISayVo dka

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