Are ladies in the center East oppressed? ADVICE: Tattoos need not have meaning

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Lubna Olayan, second from right, is A saudi businesswoman who co-chaired the Saudi-US CEO Forum in 2017 and it is ranked No. 59 of 100 effective ladies by Forbes. This woman is one of the many effective, effective ladies in the center East.

Posted Sep 20, 2018 6:00am

Exactly just just What can you envision once you think of feamales in the center East? The picture that is common throughout the news is ladies putting on dark burqas and niqabs, not able to get outside without having a male escort, not able to go to school or work, without freedom in just about any feeling of the phrase.

As constantly, the story that is real like an onion, with layers and levels waiting become peeled. The reality is that while females do shortage liberties in some places, feminism features a history that is long the Middle East. There are numerous women that are successful there, including the wonder vlogger and businesswoman Huda Kattan.

But we know what you’re thinking: “Islam oppresses ladies! ” Well, it does not.

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