My partner, Bipolar, and I

Beka is regarded as our bloggers along with her spouse, Ron, published this post for our couples series. Read Beka’s post that is accompanying.

We read someplace recently that the divorce proceedings rate whenever one wedding partner has manic depression is 90%. Me, I suppose I understand it while it seems kind of high to. Within the 12 years i’ve been hitched to my spouse, there were times that are many one or each of us was prepared to stop.

I want to get started by saying that we don?t know very well what it is like to own manic depression. But i recognize just what it feels as though to reside along with it. I?ve sat helpless as depression brought my partner to her lowest points. I?ve spent nights afraid to get to sleep for fear that my spouse would harm by by herself. I?ve viewed episodes that are manic away during the foundation of our wedding.

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