Ask Amy: The bride moved wild with wedding plans — and it is within my household

Plus: Do we warn this mom that is new her cheating guy?

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DEAR AMY: some time ago, we offered to my 45-year-old niece our house on her wedding. This is her 3rd wedding and their 2nd.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

The things I thought would definitely be a day ceremony with 50 attendees has changed into a night ceremony with 90, accompanied by an outside celebration having a DJ and noisy music to the wee hours.

Although we would be given a meeting license, we shall never be allowed to own a DJ play past 9 p.m.

Which has hadn’t fazed my niece, who asked, “What would the authorities do, arrest me personally? ” I informed her at the minimum they’d cite my hubby and me personally for sound breach.

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We likewise have restricted parking on our road. We could accommodate eight to 10 cars, however if 70 people appear, there will oftimes be 35 vehicles to locate parking for.

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