Inspiration: Moroccan bride. – A bride of Moroccan motivation. an adventurous woman linked both to untamed nature also to the initial individuality of this town of Marrakech.

The title is not allegorical, but a literal inspiration of this spectacular styled shoot on this occasion.

Which renders us bride looksfull of femininity and strength, which fuse the savoir faireof Spanish bespoke sewing as well as the beauty of Moroccan traditions and craftsmanship.

The Galician Minnesota Garden wedding plannersdevised this editorial session, which for them is obviously “the possibility to capture in pictures a thought that actually motivates us, and also to inform tales through the mixture of the apparel, a spot, a face or an environment”. Along with ‘Moroccan bride’ they’ve certainly enjoyed working their imagination in “a various landscape, a fantastic tradition, crazy and mystical, high in miracle, smells and brand brand brand new colors” for them.

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