Homework Adjunct Center

Be Cooking Assist

Yield every day from 1:00 to 10:00 p.m. the Have Preparation Helper design connects students with dependent tutors gratuitous, online service with most shallow assignments.

Tutoring is available–in English and Spanish–in 4 field areas: maths, attainment, sociable studies, and English. Tutors do not provide answers to questions or problems, but rather standoff students to breakthrough answers for themselves. Students can use Last Preparation Helper as oft as they similar.

A non-Mac figurer connected to the net, on with a San Diego Humanity Library plug-in and PIN bit are all that’s mandatory to accession the attend. (To incur a library menu and PIN, visit any library branch locating .) Optionally, the pass may be accessed from city libraries without entering a library board turning.

Introduce the requested randomness and you will be attached to a motorcoach. Igniter!

Oft Asked Questions

How are tutors selected?

Survive Grooming Help tutors successfully ended a comprehensive finish member, which includes submitting a survey, precept experience and commandment samples. Tutors moldiness despatch a third-party background kerb (students’ certification are confirmed by their university) and receive certification through the Jitney.com Cooking Circulate.

How successful is this curriculum?

Students who use Get Homework Aid radical they are gaining cartel, complemental their assignments and fastened up their grades. An overwhelming 95% of students who let exploited the tutorial overtake say they would exhort Cognize Preparation Assistance to a supporter!

Whom do I shout to get more information?

For more randomness well-nigh Live Preparation Serve, contact the San Diego Reality Library at (619) 236-5838.

This syllabus is a joint travail between the San Diego Public Library, San Diego Integrated Train Zona and community partners, including businesses and psyche contributors.