Bad Credit Financing near Western Chester, PA

At our CDJR dealership in Downingtown, PA, we recognize that sometimes life happens if you are making other plans. Unfortunately, often medical bills, divorce or separation, lay-offs as well as other dilemmas happen that will actually wreak havoc in your credit history. This is exactly why we glance at more than simply that true quantity as soon as we use customers.

If you want a car or truck, we might manage to assist you to, even though you’ve been rejected by other dealers. We view you as an individual, perhaps not a credit score, and certainly will do in the car you need while treating you with the respect you deserve whatever we can to get you.

Minimal Money Down

You are saved by us cash by working together with both you and your spending plan.

We Make Use Of All Credit Types

Bankruptcy? No credit? No issue. All of us will be here to aid.

Quick & Easy Process

Enjoy peace of mind with this easy, seamless procedure.

Among the methods we assist our customers is through requiring minimum money down. While traditional wisdom dictates that putting about 20% down is the real way to go, we realize that not every person are able to afford that. Rather, the common automobile purchase for both brand new and utilized vehicles usually calls for only 10% regarding the cost as a payment that is down. On some automobiles, dealers have the ability to drop the payment that is down reduced.

We focus on all types of credit dilemmas, therefore do not hesitate to also come in and keep in touch with us. We’ve aided individuals with a myriad of credit problems enter into the car they required, including those people who have filed numerous bankruptcies and people in the middle of bankruptcy and nevertheless waiting for release. Both chapter 7 and chapter 13 filers are welcome.

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