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Erm, I’m not sure if i am explaining this precisely. Essentially, when you don’t…

Fundamentally, if you do not care whether you are out participate in conversations while you would with individuals you’re down with, but there is you don’t need to announce any such thing, just solution truthfully when they ask. If they are spouting off certain prejudices about bis, go on and state those do not connect with you. If the problem is gay/bi liberties in basic, argue it through the point of view of a person, maybe not someone playing the straw guy homo card to pull some heartstrings to your part. published by schroedinger at 2:41 PM on 23, 2005 I like xo’s analogy about mothers with dead children august. A whole lot. Thanks, xo, I’d been searching for an excellent one.

grahamwell, i am really confused regarding the confusion:

In less contexts that are political, such as for example everyone else speaing frankly about the attractiveness of a female, me personally saying she actually is not too hot, one member of the family saying, “oh yeah? she would not cause you to get across that line? (smirk, wink)”. That discussion could just occur in an assumed context that is heterosexual a guy (clearly). Or have you any idea one thing I do not? This exactly just how we notice it: Anon’s in legislation: “cannot you imagine Paris Hilton is hot?” Anon (feminine): “No, ew.” Anon’s in legislation: “Oh yeah? She would not make that line is crossed by you? smirk, wink.” (presumption of anon’s heterosexuality) Anon (feminine): thinks “No, ew, but Maura Tierney, hoo kid!” but states absolutely nothing.

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We squeezed my cheek towards the smooth region of the stone I happened to be keeping, a great pillow.

Last Anna and I went to Martha’s Vineyard weekend. We remained in the home of one of her buddies, whom loaned it to us for the getaway weekend. You could hear the murmur of the sea over the hill and down a steep slope of wild grasses if you stood in the heart of the house and listened hard. Every-where in this household had been ocean-worn stones smooth, silky rocks that the property owner, an artist that is exquisite sculptor, had drawn on with colored wax pencils, changing an ordinary and plebeian item into one thing of creative beauty. There have been rocks of angels and rocks associated with sunlight; there have been rocks of waterfalls as well as tigers pacing fields that are through thick. There have been stones that are small tiny drawings to them and rocks too large to put up in your hand.

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