Crunchy Hippie Life. Simple tips to do Laundry in a flat – Without Hookups!

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This is actually the post I became looking for four years back. This is actually the post where we share with you just how to do your laundry in a condo once you don’t have hookups.

A long time ago, we lived in a condo without washing hookups and had been determined to utilize fabric diapers.В Since we didn’t desire to lug around a basket of stinky diapers around towards the laundromat, or stay here with a child all day at a stretch, we got innovative.

First, we got a laundry pod. This thing seems like a giant salad spinner, fits about 3 diapers at any given time, however it works pretty much. Needless to say, this technique takes just about all time when you have a lot more than 3 items to clean.

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