What type of regulatory framework shall we be running under, what’s going to have changed?

Brian: So those are type https://badcreditloanshelp.net/payday-loans-nd/riverdale/ of the concerns that are key those deals.

Peter: Okay, okay, therefore last concern. We’ve had lots of interest throughout the last 6 to one year through the government, we’ve had the Treasury white paper that came away four weeks ago, we had been both in the FTC yesterday where these people were dealing with market financing in addition to OCC, the FDIC, there is an array of federal federal government agencies it feels as though taking a look at this industry. I would like you to simply gaze into the crystal ball and let me know how will you we be operating under, what will have changed think…if we come back together in two years time, what sort of regulatory framework will?

Brian: Well, very first I’m likely to ask you who’s planning to win the elections?

Peter: laughs…right, i’ve no concept on any particular one, that’s area of the equation Brian: It should not make a difference although individuals who will be evaluating market financing during the FDIC, during the FTC, during the Treasury Department, many are management appointees plus it stands to explanation though it’s not always likely to follow that the Trump presidency is more business friendly than state a Hilary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren kind solution which we’re hearing about, but become fair for this and demonstrably these agencies worked through all kinds of administrations, I think there’s been plenty of curiosity about agencies in enabling up to speed on what these platforms work.

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