WooCommerce and WordPress – WooCommerce is basically a popular WordPress plugin, and that means you firstly want to install WordPress then WooCommerce, which will be an e-commerce platform working on a content management system that WordPress provides.

WooCommerce once we currently said has some touchpoints as Magento. It’s a self-hosted open-source pc software that requires its web web web hosting and domain.

Or in other words, WP is exactly what you will have to make use of when building your site, after which with WooCommerce, you’ll add actual functionality that is www.websitebuilderexpert.net/review/wix e-commerce it.

WordPress will be a lot more user-friendly than Magento, and you will find therefore plugins that are many will get for WordPress to improve your website’s functionality. WooCommerce is basically free, but incorporating various extensions will create extra cost for you.

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