Like, we thought she would definitely manage to melt the snowfall using the energy of her outrage.

And from now on, if Orville is certainly not too troubled by me personally, you realize, going each of their catness over should anyone ever carry on Instagram, my Instagram is @sarah.wendell, like, my own Instagram? & Most of my Instagram is orange, because my kitties are orange, and also the dogs are brown and white, but they’re literally the exact same color, so it’s orange cats and brown and white dogs which have the exact same shade of orange/brown? In either case, my whole Instagram feed is orange, if you admired his massive, massive belly because I take so many pictures of the cats and of the dogs, and lately, if Orville is on his back on my desk with his belly in the air, I take a video of it, so if you need a break and you would like some virtual That’s W E N D E L L, and Orville would very much like it. Plus it’s perhaps not a trap! You’ll definitely dog his belly; he’s extremely keen on it.

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