The way AMP works. Their optimizations that are after are definitely the main reason AMP pages are incredibly quick these seem to load straight away

You can find seven good reasons as a whole: however, in case which’s always a lot to study, only view their explainer movie:

Perform most AMP JavaScript asynchronously

JavaScript is actually compelling, it could alter pretty much every facet of the web web page, nonetheless it may also block DOM construction as well as postpone web web web page making (observe interactivity that is also adding JavaScript). To help keep JavaScript off delaying web web page making, AMP enables one javaScript that is asynchronous.

AMP elements could come with JavaScript in bonnet, still they’re completely built to be sure these do not trigger efficiency degradation.

Whilst customized JS is actually permitted inside amp-script, and also JS that is third-party is as part of iframes, this can not block making.

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