Interestingly, Latino guys have also taken out of present discourse regarding the

Furthermore, the current construction associated with the “Down Low” is still another depiction of bisexuality being a “new” concept, comparable to Newsweek’s “discovery” of “Bisexual Chic: Anyone Goes” (1974) over three decades ago. Even though presence of male and female bisexuality happens to be well-documented across countries since antiquity (Cantarella, 2002), the “Down Low” had been portrayed being a brand new trend. But, the erasure that is cyclical stigmatization, re-erasure, and restigmatization of bisexuality, especially among men, is scarcely “new” (Angelides, 2001; Yoshino, 2000). Rather than media depictions from present years, but, this time around bisexuality had not been exposed as being a trend that is glamorous pop music movie movie movie stars and supermodels. Instead, it had been a shameful” that is“secret put innocent individuals (feamales in specific) at an increased risk for disease and death. Certainly, the Down minimal had been abruptly exalted by some to your status associated with the “driving force” associated with HIV epidemic into the Ebony community. Oprah, inside her tv program, clearly connected the Down minimal trend to HIV transmission, as did the report into the nyc days Magazine. Any direct empirical evidence regarding the role of the Down Low phenomenon in the HIV epidemic among African Americans is lacking (Millett, Malebranche, Mason, & Spikes, 2005) although down Low men seem useful scapegoats for the disproportionally high prevalence rates of HIV among Black women.

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